Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

taught by Sarah Rugg

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If there’s one thing you should take on board about running a Virtual Assistant business, it’s that leaving yourself open to legal issues and data handling claims is all too easy if you don’t have the right documents in place.

At My VA business, we’ve worked in conjunction with a solicitor to ensure that our documents cover every eventuality, from non-payment to GDPR requirements. With 14 years’ day-to-day experience of running her own VA business and coaching new VAs, Sarah has come across most situations (and even been stung by a few) so you can’t put a price on her experience and input.

How does it work?

Once you’ve paid, you'll receive instant access to your chosen document, along with clear instructions on how to personalise it for your own business. Get peace of mind in minutes!

Privacy Policy:

Don’t fall foul of the GDPR regulations and risk a hefty fine – if you’re running a VA business, you must have a privacy policy that states how you collect, process and use data within your business. Ensure yours covers the requirements and it’s another thing ticked off the list in minutes.


My VA Business accepts no responsibility for consequential losses in relation to the supply of these documents.

Sarah Rugg
Sarah Rugg

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